How to Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids Naturally With Herbs

How best to treat hemorrhoids naturally? Hemorrhoids also known as piles is one type of disease that is very disturbing. Piles or hemorrhoids appear in the anus or rectum of patients, resulting in pain, bleeding and difficulty the patient to sit or defecate.

This disease usually occur because people straining too hard during bowel movements. By straining too hard, the blood vessels around the anus can dilate and rupture cause infection and swelling ended the problem of hemorrhoids or piles.

In addition to treated with modern medical treatment, hemorrhoids can also be treated naturally and traditional. All depends on the choice of the patient, whether to choose modern or traditional medicine. Medical treatment has advantages hemorrhoid can solve problems quickly through medication or surgery.

hemorroidHowever, medicines that contain chemicals and also hemorrhoid surgery who are at risk of severe side effects sometimes less unpleasant for the sufferer. Treatment of hemorrhoids naturally is more secure because it has almost no side effects, but a longer treatment time.

Hemorrhoids are swollen with bleeding commonly called bleeding hemorrhoids. How to treat bleeding hemorrhoids naturally is to use some medicinal plants that have long been known usefulness. Some herbs are known to overcome hemorrhoids include cassava.

Consuming tape cassava dilembekkan regularly three times a day is believed to alleviate hemorrhoids. This is because it contains yeast fermented cassava healthy digestion. Hemorrhoids are generally mild or bleeding hemorrhoids can be cured with cassava.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Guava leaves, especially the bud is also believed efficacious overcome hemorrhoids. Take a few pieces of guava leaves and wash clean, add one banana stone with the skin, and then puree and squeeze the juice.

Drinking the juice regularly to treat hemorrhoids. In addition, the banana fruit in a blender and then plus one glass of whole milk could also be a natural hemorrhoid treatment. Regularly drink three cups a day for hemorrhoid disease quickly disappear.

The last plant is believed to cure hemorrhoids naturally is kale. Take a few sprigs of watercress with leaves and wash clean. Puree in a blender and strain the water. Add chicken egg and a little salt into the water earlier kale juice.

Drink once a day before bed to hemorrhoids or piles can be cured. Medicinal plants above naturally much more effective in treating hemorrhoids. But if you do not want to bother gathering natural materials, now there are a lot of herbal medicines in containers that can treat hemorrhoids naturally.

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